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Technology: A unique sound experience

The patented ‘BernieSound’ (VST) technology transforms any material into speakers. A flat and rigid surface made of wood, plaster, plastic or any other composite materials will produce a pure, enveloping sound.

Elements of your environment like windows, ceilings or mirrors can take on a new function, producing a high-quality, feel-good sound. The perception and quality of sound are equal wherever you are standing in the room.

Whether at home, on public transport or in commercial premises, the potential applications of this technology are countless, particularly when put in the hands of comfort-seeking individuals and professionals looking to stand out and bring added value to their daily lives.

# Differentiation

● Surface Sound: Vibration plates (plaster, wood, glass, plastic, etc) traditional point source speakers are noisy when near, and potentially weak when further away VST30 enables only small variation between near and far sound sources. Regular speaker point source the farther away you get from the sound source, the more the sound shrinks VST transducer surface source the sound is transmitted throughout the surface where VST is installed. The sound is distributed harmoniously.

● Therapy Sound: Singing bowl (healing, meditation) traditional speakers are small for installation reasons, so low-pitched playback is challenging. VST30 can play the entire range from the low to the high-pitched band through its wide surface.

● Invisible Sound: Simple design (wall, ceiling, table, deck, banner, etc) traditional speakers are visible when installed, which has a detrimental effect on the interior. VST30 speaker can be installed invisibly, with no impact on the interior.

# Surface sound

Traditional speakers start from a single-point source and decrease the volume substantially as distance increases. The sound quality depends very much on the distance from the speakers. To compensate for this, line-array speakers have been developed, but there are issues with using multiple speakers. The VST30 will generate a Surface Sound that overcomes the difference in volume due to the distance between the speakers.

# Full range sound

The majority of speakers consist of a two-way or three-way, woofer, midrange, and twitter that divide and play between the two-way and high-pitched bands. A crossover/interference may occur between each driver. Since VST30 plays the entire range of low and high-pitch bands with one driver, it excels in the uniformity of sound colors and has no joint between drivers' crossover/interference. The sound is very natural and comfortable.

# Therapy sound

Humans have always used sound (voice, percussion) as a therapeutic tool. We can compare humans with instruments. Disharmonized instruments make unpleasant sounds, and uncoordinated vibrations in the body cause stress and disease. Each cell has a resonant frequency, so problematic or infected cells have reduced resonance, causing irregular vibrations. It's a harmonious, regular sound that stabilizes the resonance frequencies of the cells to treat in mind and body. Harmonious sounds from the VST30 make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The VST30 VET Somafonic - Four years of animal testing has demonstrated its effectiveness.
(France National Veterinarian Institute, Toulouse - Dr. Didier Schmitt)

# Invisible sound

Most speakers are visible and have a significant influence on the interior. The VST30 when installed behind walls and ceilings transforms the entire surface into extra large invisible speakers (cost-effective) and reproduces a most comfortable sound. Customers do not have to worry about the speaker's installation space, location and interior.