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Using environmentally-friendly materials like biodegradable and compostable resins is the next ethical step for businesses.
leafull biodegradable resins are mainly made from biodegradable aliphatic polyesters such as PLA, PBAT and PBS certified by the Korean government and international organizations in Europe and the USA.



leafull resins are stable in air and 100% biodegradable in land and water, with zero harm to Humans and Nature.

Even if all raw materials are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable,

the variety of biodegradable resins produced and how to compound the respective polymers to have different properties along with natural additives is the key to this field.


Only resin that has been processed and compounded properly can become biodegradable resin suitable of replacing conventional synthetic resin. And such processes and specific recipes are the real core of true biodegradable manufacturing technology.


We produce exactly those kinds of products due to the extensive R&D we have been doing since 1999. We have built our reputation and promises on scientific research over a long period of time. Some of our research performance has been acquired through Korean government-aided research projects. Our products are guaranteed biodegradable with no impact on the environment at all.


leafull biodegradable products will take great care of Humans and Nature.

When you’re done with them, they will safely return to Earth.


















The clean and green alternative

to conventional plastic resins

In case of disposing of

non-degradable product

In case of disposing of biodegradable product 

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