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Precautions and Processing


▪Biodegradable materials have a strong hygroscopic property, so be sure to keep them in a dry place.

▪Dry in an oven dryer at 60℃ for at least 10 hours before using them.

▪Extrude the resin with a hopper dryer (at 70℃) installed.

▪Use up the entire quantity of resin in opened bags. If there is any residue, seal the bag completely and store it in a dry place.

   And DO NOT store resealed or even unopened product for too long. 


▪Biodegradable materials DO NOT have compatibility with conventional polyolefin resins like PE and PP, so DO NOT use them mixed with that kind of resin.

▪Purge the machine thoroughly with a biodegradable resin to remove all of the old deposits of material before processing a biodegradable compound, and slowly

   adjust the temperature until it reaches the processing temperature of the biodegradable compound.

▪After finishing processing, purge the machine with the same material as the one used before processing.

Film blowing

▪You can use a universal extruder with L/D ratios ranging from 24:1 to 30:1 and compression ratios ranging from 2.5:1 to 3:1.

▪Set the extruder temperature to 150℃ (±10℃), and DO NOT use the extruder at temperatures above 170℃.

▪Use a die without a rod. And it is most desirable that the gap of the die is 1 to 1.5 mm and the blow-up ratio is above 2.5.

▪DO NOT preprocess with Corona or Plasma.

▪DO NOT keep the product in a fabric for a long time after producing it and process it for the finished goods within two weeks.

▪If the film is smudged while producing it, it indicates that the resin has not yet melted completely. So be sure to check this in the film production process.


Here are some videos of biodegradable film production using a LDPE Extrusion Line.

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